Praying for the Whole World

Wednesday, October 31, 2018

To The Saints

To the Saints at Whitehorse United Church - greetings to you, and peace.

That's how Paul would have said it. "To the saints in the church at ____" and by that he meant the people of that church. To be saint is to be a follower of Jesus, and a part of the family of faith. That's you! As we come to this time of year....All Hallow's Eve, and then All Saints and All Souls Day, it's important to remember that.

So - greetings to you, and peace, all you saints!

I'm home again after being away for the bulk of two weeks. I'm trying my best to get reconnected, but my goodness there's a lot of stuff happening! I can't remember if I told you, so I'll tell you (perhaps again) that I have been at two courses:

The first was in Burlington Ontario, and it was a course on "Biblical Storytelling". I attended this course last year as well. In essence, it advocates and explores the benefits of TELLING scripture rather than reading it. As a follow up to that, I'm inviting you to come to two sessions Nov 10 and 17, from 10-noon. We'll work on memorizing the Christmas story according to Luke. If you want to get a head start on that, we'll work on Luke 2: 1-7, and then if we have that down, we'll continue to verses 8-20 as well. My preference is that you use the New Revised Standard Version.

The second was in Orillia Ontario, where I attended the annual training session of the Canadian Police Chaplains' Association.

And now I'm back, raring to go, as they say.

Here's a poem I found (author unknown to me) about saints - real life, all-too-human ones. I needed this poem this week, and perhaps you will like it too.

These are the thin days
of Hallow’s Eve, All Saints and Souls
when we offer thanks for those who linger with us
and the souls who come to find us.

Here among us
are the saints-in-making
the challenging one, close by or far away
the incredibly rude one
the smoker all too near
the creepy one with too smooth tongue
the tedious religious one
the facebook friend you wished you never hatched
the annoying one with certain aim
the one who pushes all your buttons.

Yes. Him. Her. Them. Those. The Others.
All souls they are.

Oh November 1, what a day you are
you demand us notice
not just the lovely ones,
not just the saintly-defined-by-us ones,
but all the souls-in-making
even unbearable saints.

We can do other but stand firmly in the day
and wonder (really) how the Light is being shaped
deep within their heart
while being kind in ours.

 I wish you a wonderful week.
with love and in hope